StateRateToolsOther Information
Alabama2% + county and city rateTax Guide
Alaska0% + municipalityTax Guidebook
Arizona5.6% + county and cityTax Calculator
Arkansas6.5% + county + city
= rate on 1st $2,500
-- plus --
6.5% on balance = total

0% on vehicles
priced at $4,000 or less
Arkansas Department of Finance and Administration
California7.50% + localDealer Tax Guide
Colorado2.9% + county + city
+ district = total
Reference Guide
Connecticut6.35% for vehicle $50k or less

7.75% for vehicle over $50,000
Connecticut Department of Motor Vehicles
Delaware4.25% "Motor Vehicle
Document Fee"
Tax Calculator
District of Columbia6% "Excise Tax" for
vehicles under 3,499 lbs

7% for vehicles 3,500
to 4,999 pounds

8% for vehicles 5,000
pounds or more

0% for hybrid vehicles
rated over 40 mpg by
Tax Information
Florida6% + local "discretionary"
= rate on 1st $5,000
-- plus --
6% on balance = total
Tax Calculator
Tax Guidebook
Georgia4% + countyTax Guidebook
Hawaii4.166% "maximum
visible pass on rate"

4.712% for Honolulu
County (Oahu Island)
Tax Law
Idaho6%Tax Brochure
Illinois6.25% + local (+ 1.25%
more in Chicago) = total
Tax Guide
Indiana7%Tax Guidebook
Iowa5% One-Time
Registration Fee
UT510 Manual
Kansas6.5% + localLookup Tool
Tax Guidebook
Kentucky6% "Motor Vehicle
Usage Tax"
Dealer Guidebook
Louisiana4% + localRegulations
Tax Brochure
Maine5.5%Reference Guide
Maryland6% "Titling Tax"Manual
Michigan6%Dealer Manual
Minnesota6.5%Instruction BookletUsed vehicles 10 years or older under $3,000 are taxed at $10 flat.
Missouri4.225% + localCalculator
Tax Guidebook
Montana0%No Car Tax
Nebraska5.5% + city rate
OR county rate
(if no city tax) = total
Tax Estimator
Rate Finder
Nevada6.85% + localTax Guide
New Hampshire0%No Car Tax
New Jersey7%Tax Guide
New Mexico3% "Motor Vehicle Excise"
New York4% + localTax Guide
Lookup Tool
North Carolina3% "Highway Use"Tax Guide
North Dakota5% "Motor Vehicle Excise"Tax Guide
Ohio5.75% + localLookup Tool
Oklahoma 3.25% "excise tax"
for new vehicles
$20 on first $1,500
+ 3.25% on balance
= total for used cars
Oregon0%No Car Tax
7% for Allegheny County
8% for City of Philadelphia
Tax Information
Rhode Island7%
South Carolina5% ($300 max)Dealer Manual
South Dakota4% “motor vehicle excise"Dealer Manual
Tennessee7% + local rate on first
$1600 + 2.75% single
article tax on second
$1600 (to $3200) = total
Tax Guide
Texas6.25%Tax Guidebook
Utah4.70% + localLookup Tool
Vermont6%Tax Guide
Virginia4.10% ($75 minimum)
Washington6.5% + local + 0.3%
"motor vehicle sales/
lease tax" = total Look up Tool
Tax Guide
Lookup Tool
Tax Guide
West Virginia5%
Wisconsin5% countyLookup Tool
Tax Guide
Wyoming4% + countyTax Calculator
International Sales Tax Rate