Extended Service Contracts

EasyCare Offers Extended Service Contracts for New and Used Vehicles

It’s ideal for car, truck and SUV owners who want full protection, from front to rear and top to bottom of their new or previously owned vehicle. It covers nearly all components and parts in the event of a mechanical breakdown or failure as well as tires and wheels.* A few components are excluded, such as routine maintenance items like wiper blades, light bulbs, etc.; cosmetic items like bumpers, carpet, trim, etc.; and damaged/corroded/rusted parts.

Like all our service contracts, it comes with 24/7 Emergency Roadside Assistance, Rental Car Coverage and Towing Reimbursement.

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GWC Warranty

GWC Warranty provides an expansive and flexible product to meet the diverse needs of our dealer population.  They provide innovative technology that allows you to be more efficient and progressive.  GWC Warranty is best-in-class service that helps avoid post-save dissatisfaction and protects dealers’ reputations.

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Alpha Warranty Services (Vehicles up to 175,00 miles)

Perfect for those older and higher mileage vehicles who’s drivers want the peace of mind of having their vehicle covered against untimely and costly repairs.

Alpha Warranty Services offers coverage on vehicles new to old. Customers can have repair coverage on their vehicle all the way up to 275,000 miles. Alpha also is great for those drivers who put on 20,000 plus miles per year.

12 months or 25,000 miles

24 months or 50,000 miles

36 months or 85,000 miles

48 months or 100,000 miles

60 months or 100,000 miles

These are our mileage bands that can cover vehicles that have up to 175,000 on them at time of purchase.

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