KeyCare – Key Replacement

It’s that sinking feeling that every car owner experiences at some time. You can’t find your keys, and you need to pick up the kids from school, drive to an important client meeting or pick up your spouse from the airport.

With the costs of new high-tech electronic keys/fobs reaching several hundred dollars, replacing them can be an expensive proposition.

That’s why EasyCare offers KeyCare.

EasyCare KeyCare provides 24/7 emergency assistance protecting you and your family from being locked out of your car or home. With KeyCare, you receive the following benefits:

  • 24 Hour Lock Out Assistance – Simply call the 24 Hour EasyCare KeyCare Assistance toll-free number, 800-865=4249, and someone will come out to unlock your car or home.
  • Replacement Coverage – EasyCare picks up the cost of replacing lost or stolen keys/fobs, including home or other keys that were lost.
  • Recovery and Identity Protection – Keys are recovered without putting your identity or location at risk. With KeyCare, you’ll receive a key tag with your EasyCare member number and postage-paid return address. Anyone who finds the keys can drop them in a mailbox for return to the secure KeyCare Return Center. You’ll be contacted immediately, and the finder will never know your name or address.
  • Taxi, Loaner, Towing and Driver’s Valet Assistance – If replacement keys can’t be made at the lock-out location, KeyCare will provide you with a taxi or rental car, and even towing coverage.

More Details:

Taxi Assistance – When requested, KeyCare will dispatch a taxi to your location and you will be reimbursed for up to fifty ($50.00) dollars towards the cost of the taxi service. Only one reimbursement allowed per occurrence.

Loaner/Rental Car Assistance – When requested, KeyCare will help you obtain a loaner vehicle for you from a qualified, national, and licensed rental agency at discounted member rates. You will be reimbursed up to fifty ($50.00) dollars towards the cost of the rental for up to two (2) days. Only one reimbursement allowed per occurrence.

Towing Coverage – In the event your vehicle needs to be towed due to loss/damage of key/transponder and the key needs to be “programmed” at the dealership, simply call the 24 Hour EasyCare KeyCare Assistance phone number to arrange for a tow to your issuing dealership, or if traveling, the nearest franchise dealer.

Driver’s Valet – If your vehicle is disabled due to your keys being lost, damaged, or inoperable, KeyCare will connect you to a preferred rental car service partner for a replacement rental car. You will be reimbursed up to ($50) dollars per occurrence.

KeyCare has multiple pricing plans, based on your vehicle and needs.

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  • EasyCare Midwest offers EasyCare vehicle service contracts for cars, trucks, SUVs, RVs, and commercial vehicles.