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There are only two kinds of cars: those that already have dents, and those that will get them. Dents are more than an annoyance; they can reduce the value of your car or increase the trade-in penalties for your lease. EasyCare Dent Repair service is a highly convenient and effective method for removing those minor dents and dings. EasyCare Dent Repair offers:

  • A lifetime repair warranty guaranteeing 100% customer satisfaction on performed repairs, and that the dings or dents will not reappear.
  • Quick and easy claims processing.
  • Eligibility for new and used cars, as well as leased vehicles.
  • Plans with no deductible.

EasyCare Dent Repair removes those unsightly shopping cart dents and car door dings (as well as other types of dents and dings) on vertical panels. It uses a Paintless Dent Repair process, an innovative way to virtually erase small dings and dents from painted sheet metal surfaces without harming the vehicle’s factory finish.

The EasyCare Dent Repair service agreement does not cover any type of collision damage, sharp creases, large dents (larger than 4 inches in diameter), hail damage (except in Florida), or surfaces where the paint has been damaged. Large dents generally require conventional body shop repair methods.  Two to five-year plans cover unlimited Paintless Dent Repairs for the length of the term you select!

Some plans even cover pre-existing conditions!

Limitations of Coverage

This information is intended to provide only an outline of the benefits, exclusions, and limitations of the EasyCare Dent Repair service agreement. For exact benefits, exclusions, and limitations please review the EasyCare Dent Repair service agreement.

Service Drive Sales

Dent Repair service is available in the service Drive covering PRE-EXISTING dents

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  • EasyCare Midwest offers EasyCare vehicle service contracts for cars, trucks, SUVs, RVs, and commercial vehicles.