Jeff Cowan’s Service Drive Training

new-car-keysONSITE TRAINING: Side-by-Side In Your Store Training

A great way to absorb Jeff Cowan’s PRO TALK’s methods is through our Onsite training.  Jeff Cowan’s expert trainer will train your staff at your dealership by coaching them each step of the way, critiquing, and role-playing with each of them individually. Our Onsite training is the best option for receiving individualhands-on training for any and all skill levels.

We will turn your Service Clerks into Professional Sales Service Advisors, without pushing or selling unnecessary items and even without adding one more customer to your service drive or sending out one more coupon, but by putting consistent processes in place and teaching your advisors an actual skill –the art of selling professionally.

  • Advisors will learn to professionally approach and greet the customer each and every time.
  • Advisors will learn a professional 4-point walk-around process and how to walk around Every Car, Every Time®while at the same time reducing the write-up time to 7.5 minutes or less.
  • Will be able to set the customer up for realistic expectations with the use of the Full Service Promise®.
  • Advisors will learn how to take control of the customer and the sale.
  • Customer survey scores will increase by managing customer expectations.
  • Learn how to ask proper diagnostic questions.
  • Advisors will close more sales and eliminate customer objections.
  • A process will be implemented that is consistent from Advisor to Advisor, Customer to Customer, and Store to Store.

Contact us at (800) 248-2931/(949) 713-4469 to schedule.


Attend Jeff Cowan's Workshop

  • Your service clerks will learn how to be Professional Master SELLING Service Advisors in the most intense and powerful workshop they have ever experienced!
  • Designed to deliver 27 plus years of Jeff’s time tested service department sales techniques and skills to your fixed operations team
  • Constantly updated so that your staff can handle today’s customers and challenges
  • The most comprehensive content that any skill level can learn from in the marketplace
  • Each workshop is taught by the founder and president of Pro Talk,
    Jeff Cowan

Here are a few of the immediate results you can expect after our sales training workshops:

  • Increase in Customer Satisfaction Scores and Customer Retention.
  • Increase in customer paid labor and parts sales (5/10 increase in 10 days to start).
  • Exactly how to walk around “Every Car, Every Time” to increase sales through the “Sit, Flip, Pop and Look” technique.
  • Increase sales both on the drive and on the telephone through our top “100 Service Advisor Closing Techniques and Word Tracks”.

To learn more about the Jeff’s private and public workshops and the benefits / results you can expect click HERE.

PT Video

  • It’s a hands on video/email/text service that puts the power of the sale in your hands.
  • PT Video is an online app based video communications system that streamlines closing the sale over the telephone. With just your camera, smartphone or tablet, you shoot video via an app.
    Wallah! You have video proof!

PT Video revolutionizes:

  • The way you are selling your services, repairs and many other products.
  • How you are getting the highest customer retention and survey scores of all time!
  • How you communicate with customers forever!

PT Video takes service sales closing ratios from 30% to 80% OVERNIGHT!

  • Increase On-The-Drive sales
  • Increase telephone sales
  • Increase extended service agreement sales
  • Capture declined services, missed appointments and customers with past due services

PT Video is easy to use and getting started is a breeze.

  • To see what PT Video is…
  • How PT Video works…
  • How you can get PT Video in your service center…

Pro-Talk-VT-Logo-8.20Pro Talk VT: Online Virtual Training

Pro Talk VT is an interactive online sales training platform that provides a dealership cutting edge video training and for their service advisors and fixed operations employees.

  • Increase Customer Satisfaction Survey Scores, Customer Paid Hours Per Repair Order, Customer Retention and Overall Productivity in your Service Department
  • Develop a Sales Culture throughout your entire department
  • Instant access to the nation’s best service advisor training 24/7 from anywhere invirtual

    the world

To test drive the Pro Talk VT click on the image below for a free trial:


Pro Talk Training DVD Set

  • 4 Advisor Training Manuals
  • 4 Word Track Manuals
  • 1 Manager’s Guide
  • 6 DVD’s: (4 Advisor Training Discs, 1 Word Track Disc, and 1 Forms disc)


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    Simply put the Best day of training any manager can receive. The industries top trainers put in the same room for one day. If you are a manger or have managers working for you this is day they will get more leadership skills and ideas out of than anything you can do.
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